Charging Point Line Marking

Safely marking the way for the future


The Midlands has only recently become a Plugged-in-Places region and is not currently as developed as other regions.

The aim in the Midlands is to develop a regional network of more than 500 charging points across the East and West Midlands over the next two years. The first of these charging points, installed in August 2011, is fully compatible with all other charging points across the UK and sets the precedent for the ones to come.

Electric car charging points are recognised by a distinct logo. A logo that we can produce in an array of colours to suit you, the most common colour is blue or green to illustrate the eco friendliness of the electric car.

The charging points are clear and are not spaces for people to park they are specific to electric cars for them to be charged. The spaces can either be marked by the logo for electric charging or the spaces can have lettering to indicate them.