Helipad Line Marking

Safely marking the way for the future


TStar Line Marking undertake works relating to airfields and airports, in particular helipad line marking. The efficient marking of this area is essential. Consequently this is to ensure pilots can safely navigate into and out of an area.

These kinds of markings are constantly under pressure from both the elements of weather and the consistent wear from the friction of landing. TStar Line Marking can assist in this area by providing helipad line markings which are of great quality. If the worst does come to worst, then we can repair any lines after a few years to be as good as new.

We undertake airfield and airport line markings too. As one of the leading experts in line marking, we have years of experience to put behind our work. We also can undertake a maintenance contract if needed to maintain airport and airfields line marking. Because these areas are well used, the wear and tear will be great. A maintenance contract will cut costs as we can schedule to come and repaint the lines once or twice a year.

Helipad line marking is generally grouped into two types: those which provide information and those which provide visual cues to the pilot.

Information can be provided for the location, or using standard coding (boxes containing maximum size or weight). Visual cues for pilots can include ‘aiming points’, guidance lines for taxying, shoulder lines (stop lines); and touchdown and positioning markings.

Our line markings are placed with precision and we have a proven track record to complete deadlines.